Patent Filing and Prosecution in India/Multi Country Filings

We can assist in patent filing in India as well as well as other jurisdictions across the globe which is of interest to the client. The patent filing involves preparation of all forms and documents in accordance with the rules of Patent office of a particular country. Filing of a patent application includes a lot of activities like formatting of specification, claims and drawings. A lot of forms are also required to be filled in which accompany patent application. Our specialised team of patent agents and attorneys understand the core value of the patent and also has very rich experience of handling patent filing in India as well as various other jurisdictions. Our team is fully acquainted with the legal procedures and rules and regulations of patent filing anywhere across the world and assure hassle-free filing for our clients.

We also assist clients globally in filing national phase PCT patent application at IPO or any other jurisdictions within the prescribed time limit of 31 months from the priority date of application.