Patent Application Drafting

We have rich experience of drafting provisional as well as full utility and design, business method patent applications as per the requirements of any patent offices worldwide. We also help clients in drafting only specific sections of the patent application like description, background, claims, etc. Since, we understand that writing a good patent application requires a thorough understanding of invention hence, we devote a great amount of time in understanding the invention through regular interactions with the client. We then do a very thorough background study as that helps in easily demarcating the invention from the earlier inventions and this forms the basis of drafting a good application. We even conduct patentability searches to identify the strength of the invention and relate them with solution provided by the client.

As we know that claims are the heart of any patent application which define the scope and boundaries of patent protection, it is very important that claim writing is done with utmost care. We have trained legal and technical experts who can draft the claims in a way which describe enough elements of invention along with the inventive step in a proper context.

Further, we have a dedicated team of subject domain experts who also are trained extensively on all aspects of USPTO and EPO patent laws which helps them in drafting the applications as per standards and requirements of USPTO and EPO.

Apart from this, we are also well supported with a network of certified patent agents and experienced patent attorneys all across the globe who help us in writing quality drafts with the broadest possible coverage of claims, resulting in strong applications with a very high likelihood of grant.

We have drafted quite a lot of patents for many Fortune 500 Companies and assisted various IP law firms across globe.