Landscape Analysis/State- of-the- Art Study

It involves analysis of all the patents pertaining to a technology domain of interest. It’s a very broad search covering nearly all the aspects of the technology and then categorizing it as per technology tree. This study reveals many things like who are the main players in the domain, key patent, the most sought after markets in that domain, changing market focus, the trend with which the technology is moving, and the technology sub-domains that are less crowded.

The relevant patents are presented in an interactive database with a user-friendly search interface. The patent landscape analysis including, patent trend analysis, technology evolution, white space analysis, patent citation analysis, key assignees, etc., is presented through easy to interpret graphs and charts.

Our patent landscape reports include following informations:

Potential areas of research

Patent citation

Major players

Developing Licensing Strategies

Particular Technology’s product depth

Venture areas for a particular technology

Technology evolution

The potential gaps in market of a product; and Plan for Merger & Acquisition etc.