Illustrations/Drawing Preparation

We believe that Illustration is an important part of patent drafting. Patent drawings help a lot in complete understanding of the invention. The patent applicant is required to furnish a set of patent illustrations of a new invention. The drawings must show each and every feature of the invention for understanding purpose.

We have a dedicated team of illustrators who can provide best quality drawings or sketches which best suit your needs in almost all technical domains. Our team of highly efficient illustrators with years of rich experience are highly capable of making very high quality patent drawings to clearly illustrate the inventive features or the idea and also make sure that the drawings meets all the criteria and guidelines of the PTO. Our drawings are of very high quality and very reasonable cost-wise. We are also capable handling extremely urgent cases on priority.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Patent Drawing Services

Design Drawings

Utility Drawings

PCT Drawings

Technical Drawings

Flow Charts

Trademark Drawings

Trade dress Drawings etc.